Spin The Globe Playlists A Musical Celebration of Mothers (#1223)

A Musical Celebration of Mothers (#1223)

Music for Mothers’ Day. Perhaps you know that Mothers’ Day in the US dates back to the Civil War period, and a movement by women to exert more control over their lives and over the politics of the nation. We’re still working on that, but there’s no shortage of great songs about motherhood.

Hour 1
Candido Oye-Oba – My Mother (Dedicated To All Mothers) – Adura Power
Zap Mama – The Mamas of the Mamas (Les Mama Des Mamas) – Sabsylma
Sia Tolno – Mama – African Woman
Anansy Cisse – Nia (Mothers) – Anoura
Cheb Khaled – Madre – World 2004
Yammi – Mother – Henna_Young Female Vocalists from Palestine
Teacher Jekyll – Bless the Mothers – Mercado
Bukky Leo – Precious Mother – Pulp Fusion – Africa Funk
Lord Tanamo – A Mother’s Love – I’m In the Mood for Ska
Drowned Songs – Mother My Mother – Russia 2018
Takashi Hirayasu & Bob Brozman – Haha No Uta (Song for Mother) – Nankuru Naisa
Guillaume Sanje Mpacko – Mama’m Iyo (Beloved Mother) – Praise and Celebration
Yellow Sisters – Máma – Zvěřinec
DANTCHEV:DOMAIN – What Did the Mother Say? – Say It
Toronto Tabla Ensemble – Prayer for the Mother – For the Love of Tabla

Hour 2
Mazigazi Band – Oh Mama! – Afrika Yetu
Damakase – Mother’s Love – Gunfan Yellem!
Sally Nyolo – Mama Say – La nuit à Fébé
Milli Janatková Quartet – My Dear Mother – To My Roots
Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz International – Sweet Mother (feat. Rocafill Jazz International) – The Best Of Music And Rhythm
Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita – Chaminuka – Echo
Maga Bo – Recado de Vovô (feat. Rosângela Macedo) – Amor (É Revolução)
FlyzZzA – Mope – Mope
Kobo Town – The Hidden Hand – Carnival of the Ghosts
Black Mango – The First Stone (feat. Anansy Cissé & Bocar Sana Coulibaly) – Quicksand
Dende Macado – Black Lives Matter – Ago
Dumza Maswana – Idinga Linzima – Celebrating African Song
Horzines Stara – Oshoï – Bord de Terres – Dubhe
Julian Belbachir – Berber Silver – Babdoukkala

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