Spin The Globe Playlists Music from War Zones (#1232)

Music from War Zones (#1232)

Ukraine isn’t the only conflict area in today’s world. The depressingly long list also includes Cameroon, Columbia, Iraq, Nigeria, Tanzania, Myanmar, Burkina Faso, Algeria, and others. (See this list of ongoing armed conflicts.) But in many places, people are still living, working, making music, falling in love, having kids. This music is a reminder of those people, with the hope that we can move beyond violence as a way of settling differences.

Hour 1
Ahmed Mukhtar – Dance of War – The Road To Baghdad
Yiddish Glory – My Mother’s Grave (feat. Loyko) – The Lost Songs of World War II
Dhafer Youssef – Dance Layan Dance – Sounds of Mirrors
Hudaki Village Band – Dana Maye Dana – Yo!
Vasily Gontarsky – Сільвер Боб (Silver Bob) – Сільвер Боб (Silver Bob)
Invisible System – Kele (War) – Dance to the Full Moon
Luman Seidjalilov – Tym-Tym – Legend of Crimean Tatar Music
Tondo – Shakaza – Tanzanian Classics
Hassouna Bangaladish – Dam-Et El Shouq (Tears of Longing) – Hossam Ramzy Presents Azza: Music from Sudan
Ndala Kasheba – Kadi Ya Njano – Yellow Card
Jeli Moussa Sissoko – Sirifo Haidara – Ballaké (Kora Music From Mali)
Jawhar – Shahrayar Blues – Qibla Wa Qobla

Hour 2
Emmanuel Jal – Gua – The Rough Guide to the Music of Sudan
Omar Souleyman – Aenta Lhabbeytak – To Syria, With Love
Konsonans Retro – Kurka Chubaturka – A Podolian Affair
Cumbia en Moog – Cumbia de Sal – Cumbia de Sal
Kady Diarra – Laada – Musique Traditionnelle Du Burkina-Faso
Los Folkloristas – El Diablo (Son Terracalenteño, Guerrero) – México
Yemen Blues – Eli – Yemen Blues
Zafa – Wasmaee – Funky Grooves of Yemen
Farhad Darya – Salaam Afghanistan – The Rough Guide to the Music of Afghanistan
Marianna Sadovska – Cycle of Wedding Songs: Oi zasvity maty svichku/Sy plavalo sire utia/Za khatoiu/Dai u sinechkakh – Songs I Learned In Ukraine
Pisyuny – Perkalaba – Dido
Eyuphuro – Othiawene – Yellela
Gnawa Diffusion – Reche sous le chèche – Algeria
Haydamaky – Yidu tramvayem (I take the tram) – Kobzar

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